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The Stanton Project

We are excited to show you how Stanton has been growing and share our vision with you. There is so much growth to share with you and vision for the future of Stanton that we welcome you to be a part of. Please make time to come to our Annual Banquet. We promise you an inspiring uplifting evening.

Stanton is growing, and so are the babies! Over the past 6 months, Stanton has been able to significantly increase our availability to women in need We have increased our volunteer staff of nurses, client advocates and support staff. Our client base is growing and so are their beautiful babies! This is one of the recent additions to the Stanton Family:

Clienty with Baby Isabella zoom
Stanton Client with Baby Isabella

Laury with Baby Isabella zoom
Stanton Nurse Laury with Baby Isabella

Our services include a medical center offering pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasounds, sexually transmitted disease testing, and a sexual integrity program. Post abortion care, including exams and PAS support groups, are provided as well. All of our clients have access to the best possible care and practical support through our team of licensed professionals and trained client advocates. A key ingredient to the success of our ministry is the use of the ultrasound machine. Sonography serves as a window to the womb. Allowing women to be fully informed gives them the ability to choose life for their baby.

What People Are Saying

“With the very real threat we face with the Freedom of Choice Act potentially going into affect, it makes institutions like Stanton Healthcare all the more important and invaluable to the Pro-Life cause.” – Pastor Jason Herring, North Valley Baptist Church Boise, ID