About the Baby Bottle Drive

One of the main ways that Stanton is able to keep its doors open is through doing Baby Bottle Drives throughout the churches of the Treasure Valley. These drives are a crucial part in being able to supply compassionate and quality healthcare.

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How does it work?

It really is simple as to how the Baby Bottle Drive Works. A date is decided on by the church. After that point Stanton Healthcare takes care of the rest. We will show up with our display table, tools for a successful drive (videos, suggested announcements) and of course the bottles. We ask that one of our Stanton Representatives is given a couple minutes to speak, or show the Baby Bottle Drive Video but the best thing is to do both. At the end of a service our team of volunteers will be handing out empty baby bottles. We will return in three weeks to pick up the filled baby bottle. It is that easy. 

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