the stanton international affiliate program

Brandi Swindell founded Stanton Healthcare with a desire to help as many women and children as possible, with an emphasis on providing those we serve with the absolute best care and support we have to offer.

She also understood that our strategy needed to face the abortion industry head on. It required a resolve and determination to be an active voice for women and children, to “protect them both” from an aggressive and exploitive movement of profit-driven abortion providers.


In 2013 Planned Parenthood (P.P.), the largest abortion provider in the world, received $528 million from taxpayers, abortion accounted for 94 percent of P.P.'s pregnancy services, and for every 174 abortions performed, P.P. only makes one adoption referral. Can the abortion lobby really consider it’s self pro-choice when it only allows “one choice?” 

Women deserve better and more options.

This is why consistent branding is key in Stanton’s strategy. In order for women to find us, there needs to be a recognizable movement. In other words, there needs to be a revolution in women’s healthcare... a Stanton Revolution.

Through the Stanton International Affiliate Program, we seek to replace abortion businesses around the world because we believe that women deserve access to quality, coercion-free care and compassionate alternatives to abortion.

The Stanton International Affiliate Program is leading the charge in life-affirming healthcare by revolutionizing the life-affirming medical clinic model and ensuring consistency on a global level. 

Stanton Boutiques offer relevant solutions to local needs, emphasizing individual responsibility and sexual integrity through life-affirming programs and services which build and strengthen communities.

At Stanton Healthcare Clinics, we provide confidential and compassionate services in a professional environment that upholds medical standards and promotes the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our clients.

Stanton Public Policy Centers advocate for healthy womanhood at all levels of government, through the news media, and in the public square. We seek to influence public policy and shape public opinion with the message that every woman deserves access to compassionate alternatives to abortion worldwide.

Ultimately, the goal of the Stanton International Affiliate Program is to help pregnancy clinics and resource centers succeed in the mission of seeing lives saved and hearts changed. If we can do so by offering your organization (whether already launched or still a vision) a place in the Stanton family, please contact us for more information on the Affiliate Program.