Stanton belfast

Stanton Healthcare Belfast is the first international Stanton affiliate and a powerful light in Northern Ireland.

Since 2015, Stanton Belfast has been providing hope to women and babies in the capital city and beyond. Founded by Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life, this life-affirming center in the heart of Belfast has provided a clear, compassionate alternative to Marie Stopes UK and other “family planning” businesses.


Currently, women facing an unexpected pregnancy in Northern Ireland may seek abortions in England and are often provided with extensive practical resources by the likes of Marie Stopes UK to procure the abortion. Stanton Belfast has effectively challenged the monopoly of abortion referral businesses by offering compassionate, culturally sensitive care at no cost to abortion-vulnerable women.

Following the Republic of Ireland’s May 2018 vote to repeal the 8th Amendment, Stanton Belfast has become a beacon of hope to the Irish people. With legalized abortion the new reality in Ireland, the challenge lies with Stanton Belfast to continue to reach out to at-risk women with the truth of abortion and hope for a brighter future.