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Stanton Healthcare of Detroit is working toward the launch of a life-affirming medical clinic in the Motor City.  

With 28 abortion clinics and only 4 pregnancy centers in Detroit, the need is great. In addition, the city sadly sees one abortion for every three births, with over 40% of all Michigan abortions performed on residents of Detroit. 

Britta Menzel is heading up the effort to bring Stanton Healthcare to Detroit, her adopted hometown.  She worked with the flagship Stanton clinic in Idaho prior to moving to Michigan, and believes wholeheartedly in the Stanton Revolution.

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Britta and her team need significant support to make Stanton Detroit a reality.  You can contribute to the success of Stanton - visit the Facebook page to follow along and support this crucial effort!  Donations may be made through the button below, and every gift goes toward the launch of the first Stanton Healthcare clinic in Detroit.