Stanton Healthcare: Meridian

There’s a Hope Revolution coming to Meridian, Idaho.

On August 4, 2019 at 3 pm, Stanton Healthcare will host the Grand Opening Dedication of our Meridian Clinic directly across from Planned Parenthood. Our newest clinic is located at 2176 E. Franklin Rd, Meridian, Idaho.

Hope will have a home next to a place where dreams and miracles go to die. Hope will be offered. Hope will be extended. And for every hopeless woman we touch, there will be a hope revolution.

What's so revolutionary about hope?

Where hope abounds, there's nothing revolutionary about hope at all. In such environments and circumstances, hope is taken for granted. Hope is expected.
Because that no matter how dire the situation, there are always options and resources available. There's a support group of friends and family. There's a will to find a way or make a way if need be. These are the blessed who have never lost hope. They know right where to find hope when she is needed. 

But what about those who have no resources, no support, and no options? Their way has seemingly been hedged in. The darkness of their crisis has robbed them of the light to see any other path or choice. They have no hope. They are hopeless. 

These are the women who come by the hundreds to the largest abortion provider in the State of Idaho. If statistics hold true, the majority of them will say they felt pressured into having their abortion. The majority of them will confess that they might have gone through with their pregnancy if they only had someone to talk to. The majority of them will say they didn't feel like they had any other option. 

But this year there will be something different… 

Because with Stanton Healthcare, there’s a Hope Revolution coming to Meridian, Idaho.