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Summer Update: New Ultrasound Machine

Praying over our NEW portable and stationary ultrasound machines (at Stanton) during our dedication.

What good news we have here at Stanton! The Lord is doing remarkable things and I can’t wait to fill you in. That’s why I’m sending you this important letter.

First, the most exciting news to share with you is…we had another baby save this past Monday! A young woman called our Stanton client line and after speaking with one of our trained life-affirming client advocates she agreed to come into our center. She was set on having an abortion before her session with us.After meeting with our nurse for a counseling session and receiving an ultrasound at no charge -she chose LIFE for her baby!

I was actually giving a pro-life talk in Arizona at the Alliance Defense Fund Blackstone Legal Fellowship (to 120 top law students from around the nation) when I received the text from our clinic manager that read “baby save today!!!”. I shared the life saving news during my talk and the crowd erupted into applause upon hearing that a baby, threatened by abortion, was saved at Stanton.

Because of your faithful involvement with Stanton we are reaching more and more abortion vulnerable women with the resources they need to choose life. This baby will live because of you.


As you may know, Stanton has been in need of a new ultrasound machine for quite sometime. Our unit is old and outdated. It was donated to us in 2006 when we first opened our doors. This machine was simply supposed to get us up and running with the intention of upgrading as soon as possible.

This past March we built a relationship with the Idaho Knights of Columbus (K of C) chapter to partner with them in the National K of C Ultrasound Initiative. This initiative is a program designed to help raise the funds needed to purchase new ultrasound machines for centers like Stanton. The program works like this: Every dollar raised locally is matched by the National K of C up to $25,000.

Through the hard work of the K of C and local Christian businessman, I’m happy to report that in just a few months we have raised the money ($34,000) for a brand new state of the art ultrasound machine!!!

Just today, I received the check and ordered our new machine. We should have it delivered to our clinic in a couple of weeks. The timing of everything has been miraculous. Praise God for His amazing provision.

Over 70% of women who see an ultrasound choose life for their babies.

This new unit will be a huge blessing that will dramatically enhance our efforts to save more babies. As a result we’ve set in motion a strategic plan of action to expand our operations.

Part of that plan is to train 4 Stanton nurses in limited obstetrical sonography on our new ultrasound machine. We currently have a highly qualified RDMS sonographer that graciously volunteers her time one day a week. By training 4 nurses we’ll be able to perform ultrasounds an additional 5-6 days a week!

We need your help to make this training happen. We need to raise $8,000 for this specialized US training. And, it is needed as soon as possible. We’d like to get this training completed within weeks of getting our new machine. Please prayerfully consider making a special donation for this training.

In addition to the training, we need to raise $11,000 to meet the needs of our clients and their babies through the rest of the summer. Financial support drops during the summer months which can make things very difficult.

Moving ahead

We realize that sometimes, ministries have a tendency to be forgotten during the summer months. Newsletters are left unread as we go on vacation, and a lot of activities—even our giving patterns—are put on hold. But we also believe that the Lord has a vision for this ministry and we know that He is providing for us as He reveals His plan.

This summer, we want to maintain a balance, staying true to His plan and remaining good stewards at the same time. To do that, we all have to work together. If you have pledged funds to this ministry, this is a wonderful time to remain consistent as it will help our budgeting.

If you choose to give at special times of the year, pray about remembering us this summer. Or, if you have not yet given to Stanton Healthcare this year, a gift during the summer months would be a great time to get started.

I’d like to share with you a Pro-life Reflection by Fr. Frank Pavone that I think is relevant to mission of Stanton:

YOUR light must shine so that it can be seen by others. A preacher once wrote that there is no such thing as secret discipleship. Either the discipleship will destroy the secrecy, or the secrecy will destroy the discipleship. That’s why being pro-life cannot just be a personal, private conviction. If it’s in our heart, it needs to be on our lips and in our actions.


Prayer. Lord God, may I never try to be a secret disciple, but rather be proud to be known as one of Yours.

This reflection reminds me that it doesn’t matter that we simply consider ourselves pro-life. What matters is that we’re actively doing something to prevent abortion.

I want to thank you for not being a “secret disciple” or a “secret pro-lifer”. Your financial support is an active declaration that reflects your pro-life heart. And that is what makes the womb a safer place to live for pre-born children.

You’ve been faithful

If you had not already been faithful, we wouldn’t be here. So to you, we say thank you from the bottom of our heart. Because of you, we’re stronger than ever and look forward to seeing Him do even greater things in the days ahead.

Have a blessed summer!

In Christ,

Brandi Swindell

Founder and President, Stanton Healthcare

P.S. Your support during these summer months is critical! Thank you so much for standing with us as we reach out to abortion vulnerable women in our community. Human Rights Begin in the Womb!