We invite you be part of a human rights and anti-violence movement that centers on uplifting and celebrating women.  We agree with the famous line that says; "Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them…”

May our nation be full of strong women!

The movement is called #ShoutMyChild and it centers around the simple premise that women do not have to believe the lie that abortion is empowering or being pregnant will somehow diminish or reduce our lives.  #ShoutMyChild is also rooted in the principles of non-violence as we believe any violence directed toward innocent human life creates a culture of more violence and brokenness.

#ShoutMyChild is deeply troubled that the pro-choice community treats pregnant women as if they were second class women or that we are still living in the early 1900’s where women had little control over their own future or destiny. It was a time where we were not allowed to vote, pursue careers, follow our dreams or be heard in the public square. 

We are thankful that it is 2019 and no longer 1919!

Today, women can be pregnant and finish college and pursue their educational goals without abortion.  We no longer have to be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen,” but can nurse our children on the floor of Congress or in the corporate boardroom.  

Women don’t have to resort to the violence of abortion to reach and fulfill our dreams.

We recently saw how the pro-choice movement treated pregnant women as “second class citizens” in a recent New York Times investigative piece on Planned Parenthood.  The article reported that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the world, mistreated and discriminated against their pregnant employees.  Their attitude sadly reminded us of an America decades ago where women were forced to “hide” their pregnancies in public and it would have been unthinkable for women to be pregnant and working.

#ShoutMyChild rejoices that those days are long gone and women can now publicly embrace their pregnancy and move forward with their lives.

Since the Roe v. Wade decision in January of 1973, there have been millions of women who have gone forward with their unexpected pregnancies and are living vibrant, full and productive lives with their children.  These modern and progressive women chose not to accept the lies of the pro-choice establishment that promotes violence and a view of women that is rooted in the past.

#ShoutMyChild believes now is the time for these women to tell their stories and expose the lies and discrimination of the pro-choice movement.

You can #ShoutMyChild in several ways:

  • Tell your story in written form or make a short video of how you chose to move forward with your pregnancy.  

    Send it through social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) and make sure to use the hashtag #ShoutMyChild.

  • You can also submit your story here and we will post it on our website and social media.  

  • Follow our website and Facebook page and join us when we send out mass tweets and Facebook posts.

We welcome all to share their thoughts on social media regarding #ShoutMyChild even if you never had an unexpected pregnancy.  We also welcome men to be involved in this movement.

#ShoutMyChild also encourages you to get together with other women who have similar experiences and collectively inspire each other and share your stories.